Success story of Dr. Naresh Kumar


Bandra, a village located 19 km away from Barmer district headquarters, is where Joga Ram resides and works as a daily wage laborer. Supporting a nine-member family single-handedly, Joga Ram faces significant financial challenges in making ends meet. The prospect of his son Naresh’s selection into a prestigious institution like AIIMS seemed like a distant dream.

Journey to Success:

Dr. Naresh Kumar, the eldest among five siblings, completed his matriculation from a government school in the village itself. Despite his desire to pursue studies in the science stream, the lack of such facilities in his village school and financial constraints hindered his aspirations. However, Naresh’s science teacher introduced him to Fifty Villagers, offering a ray of hope.


Following his selection in the institute, Dr. Naresh excelled in his intermediate studies and diligently prepared for NEET. In 2017, he received the life-changing news of his selection into AIIMS Rishikesh, where he completed his internship in 2022. Presently, Dr. Naresh serves as a Resident Doctor in AIIMS Rishikesh.

Giving Back:

In a heartwarming gesture, Dr. Naresh dedicated a significant portion of his first salary, amounting to one lakh, as a grant to the institute. This gesture reflects his gratitude and commitment to the institution that transformed his life.

Philosophy and Impact:

Dr. Naresh attributes his success to Fifty Villagers, emphasizing the institute’s ethos of inclusivity and societal contribution. He underscores the absence of discrimination based on caste, creed, or religion within the institute, which instilled in him the values of altruism and community service. The institute’s multifaceted approach encompassing education, health, environment, employment, and culture resonates deeply with Dr. Naresh’s vision for a better society.

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